Venezuela tries to pull back Gold from foreign vaults

Nothing that could not been predictable, but somebody had to start the show. Looks like it’s Hugo’s turn now. May be he got some good advice from Fidel on how to hit hard. Nevertheless this is going to be veriy interesting given that the amount of venezuelian gold that needs to be transferred is obviously not in.

Somebody is having a problem an it is not Chavez…Watch out for gold going vertical! Or not…Anyway this will have some serious impact on other countries like Germany with the second largest reserves around. Their overall amount is 3400 tons. Most of it is stored in New York and London if you believe in fairy tales. I guess Merkel will not be around for long if she would ever dare to ask for it getting transferred to Berlin. Planes crash all the time as the Polish hd to learn the hard way.

Go figure out for yourself!


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