WTF Gonzalo Lira?

Today I came across a post from Gonzalo Lira this time getting angry at Krugman. Now in the same post he mentions a previous post which caught my attention:

For instance, I wrote a major piece of political philosophy—Why Democracies Will Always Go Bankrupt—which is essentially a valid, sound proof of something that’s been eluding economists for a couple of hundred years. Yet nobody discusses it—in a very real sense, it doesn’t exist.

A major piece of political philosophy? Take your time an read, use the correct brain hemisphere and you get an idea about what is a brilliant piece of philosophy. Not.

The most interesting for me is to see how he’s going fetal, whining and complaining about why he doesn’t get his share of recognition for this brilliant piece and isn’t allowed to join the club.

These people will come after you, if they can. And if they can’t, they’ll ignore you as completely as if you didn’t exist. And to them, if you don’t exist, then your ideas don’t exist—and therefore aren’t worth repeating.

While I do think that Krugman is practicing every day to get close to Bachman’s ability to suck on a major peace of meat (while his masters wiener shouldn’t be that size) you need to acknowledge that Lira is doing it all for the attention.

He got it.


…but go figure yourself….

The Angry Rottweiler


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