In memory of….

all the friends that Mr. Qaddaffi has made over the past years. While Mr.Q is surely having his Adolf Hitler moment deep down in “Fuehrerbunker” it might be a comfort that some of us also appreciate what he has given all the world to see: We are ruled by the same likes, except they dress differently and may not have female bodyguards…May be some of them miss you already, Muammar!

With a little help from my friend! Electoral campaign funding for Sarko, Qaddaffi son wants money back!!

…..and finally look who made a fortune to arm him, just to fight him later. How many have died for the deal?

BTW: Qatar is buying oil from the rebels, buys anti-tank missiles in France and delivers them to the rebels instead of the french delivering it directly.

Go figure out for yourself

The Angry Rottweiler


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