Peter Symonyi aka Peter Haller – Who’s fist is this anyway?

Here is one you really dig, I am sure.

Who’ s Peter Symonyi and who’s Peter Haller?

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The web is talking about a guy called Peter Haller who worked as the VP of commodity compliance within Goldman Sucks until SHTF in 2008. He quit for undisclosed reason, changed his name to his mother’s maiden name “Haller” an reappeared on the scene as Peter Haller.

Now while this is surely legit for anyone the thing gets a certain spin if you consider this:

 It has emerged that he now works as a senior aide to Darrell Issa, the Republican congressman who chairs the House oversight committee.Last month, Mr Issa wrote to government regulators including Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, to complain about new regulations on financial firms. “These non-transparent and possible inefficient rules place our fragile economic recovery at risk while doing little to prevent a future financial crisis,” said the letter. It warned that the new rules, which Goldman has spent millions of dollars lobbying against, could harm the operations of firms “such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley”

So let me get that straight:

Some VP of a branch of GS leaves the company in order to change sides and be a regulator. As a regulator he then proposes under a different name to the legislation to lift regulations on banks, especially the company that he previously worked for.

Now some of you may know that this is the thing that GS perfectioned over the last 25 years. You leave the company, join government or regulation authorities, change the legislation by lobbying and go back to be promoted wihtin the organisation. If you look at government, regulators in the US today they were employees for GS at least one time in their life.
What makes this so outstanding is how blatant they are doing it now. The look you right in the face while telling you to “fuck off” as there is no fear of consequences. Business as usual.
At least for GS.
…but go figure out for yourself!
The Angry Rottweiler

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